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Rory is a good friend and a contracted employee with Pacific Coast Auto. This is his personal car blog with pics and random driving fun from the Osaka area. Rory will be a name to remember in the scene in the future so get to know him before he gets rich and famous.

This site provides a large amount of information about JDM (Japanese domestic market) vehicles. Impor-era's basis is to keep all information true and free of bias. The site has a forum for discussion and information on Japan based export companies, Canada based import companies, and other informative reads on the topic of JDM vehicles.

This is a group of people who came together to fight for the rights of Japanese used vehicle owners in Canada. There is a lot of information here and a forum with extremly smart people. A great place for info.

This is a drift team from my home town of Kelowna BC. They run drift practice events and participate in northwest drift competition. Check out their blog.

Our most trusted go-to guy in Canada for vehicle customs clearing and vehicle logistics. Very good service, very personable, and very reliable. Contact Al Thompson