Japan direct auto parts

Buy new or used auto parts direct from Japan. Find difficult to source parts and unique Japanese items.


We can source parts for you at good prices through our various suppliers.

We are able to find-

  • Maintenance parts
  • Tuning parts
  • Interior parts
  • Exterior parts
  • Wheels / tires



With vehicle purchase - 2500 yen + 8% + international shipping

Without vehicle purchase - 2500 yen + 12% + international shipping


Bundle parts together and pay the 2500 yen flat fee just once.



HKS air filter (new) 12,000 yen 2500 yen flat fee 1440 yen variable
Trust intercooler kit (new) 25,000 yen free 3000 yen variable
Apex Power FC (used) 60,000 yen free 7200 yen variable
Turbo timer 8,000 yen free 960 yen variable
Total 105,000 yen 2500 yen 12600 yen variable

This is just an example, prices for these products are not accurate.


Shipping can be express or economy. Please inquire about shipping costs to your country. Products may be bundled together to save shipping cost if desired.


Please email questions or inquiries directly to info@pacificcoastjdm.com

Inquiries responded to within 24 hours.