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To Any Country Worldwide

Import Cars From Japan

With Pacific Coast Auto, you can easily purchase vehicles from Japan and import them to your country. Any Country Worldwide. 

You can buy direct from Dealer-only auctions all over Japan.
Over 120,000 vehicles at auction every week. 

We also have a selection of hand picked Pacific Coast Auto Inventory vehicles ready to export or can buy direct from Japanese dealerships. 

We offer special discounts to Dealer Customers but can sell to individuals too.

Buying direct from auction gives you the best selection and the lowest prices. 

This is where Japanese car dealers get their stock. 


Want to see our hand-picked Stock vehicles?

We have a small selection of vehicles in inventory. These cars are checked by Pacific Coast Auto and are ready to Export. 


Why Pacific Coast Auto?

Sustainable Business

Trust Us

We have been in business since 2008 exporting vehicles to countries worldwide. We have an excellent reputation online so feel free to Google us.  

Honesty and transparency is number one. All of our staff are expected to maintain exemplary integrity. If you want to see the auction invoice, we will show you. 

Value for Money

We include so much more in our service fee than the industry average. Our professional vehicle report is the best in the industry with 80+ pictures, and 10+ minutes of video before we export your car. 

Easy and Honest Pricing

We work hard to make the process as transparent as possible. All prices are explained in detail before purchasing so there are no surprises. 

Vehicle Reports

Real auction sheet translations. This is a big one. Most exporters translate auction reports poorly because it takes a lot of time to translate these. With our full translations, you can feel confident bidding. 

Understand Us

Communication is key with Pacific Coast Auto. We are native English speaking and are happy to speak with you on the phone or email you in an easy and understandable way. 

Importing Doesn't Have to be Difficult
We're Here to Help You

I have never imported before. Will I be able to do this?

Pacific Coast Auto has a lot of experience helping first-time importers like you. We offer a step-by-step approach that is easy to follow. If anything is unclear, our English-speaking staff can answer you in detail. 

Can I import vehicles into my country?

As an experienced exporter, we can send vehicles to any country in the world. 

However, each country has different regulations for what vehicles are legal to import. Our sales people are able to help you understand your import regulations. 

I own a dealership. Can you be our supplier? 

Yes, for sure.


Pacific Coast Auto is a supplier for many successful import car dealers around the world.  We can work with you to set up a custom account where you pay for what you want, and don't pay for what you don't need. 

How do I know you will send me the car I buy? Can you give me a reference? 

Pacific Coast Auto has been in business since 2008. Our reputation is what keeps us in business. It is very important to us. These days, unhappy customers can voice their concerns online with ease.

We have a long and detailed history online for those that wish to search it. You can also check out our Youtube channel for videos several hundred of the cars we exported. 

Tell me about hidden fees 

Like you, we hate hidden fees. 

We don't charge any tax, recycle fees, documentation processing fees, post, pre-export cleaning fees, radiation exam, etc.

We bill you for the vehicle, inland transport, and ocean freight at the same rate we paid and we are willing to show you the invoices. 

I know what car I want, how much will it cost me in total? 

We can show you how to check past auction history or can offer experience in estimating prices. 

We can give an accurate estimate to the full cost including a full break down of all costs including the vehicle, our fee, and shipping costs. 

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