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Japan Auto Auction 
Simple Guide

Auction buying is the core of what we do at Pacific Coast Auto. With Pacific Coast Auto, you get to buy directly from the dealer-only auction network from all across Japan. This is where Japanese car dealers purchase their stock. Now you can buy direct, and skip the middleman. 

Whether you are a dealer in your country, or are wanting to buy a vehicle for yourself, Japanese auctions provide a unique system for buying. 

Browse the Auction

Browse our powerful AUCTION TOOL to see what cars are currently at auction in Japan. There are over 100 auction houses weekly with over 100,000 cars per week. New cars come up every day so check back often. 

Auction browsing is FREE. You don't even need to register

Click HERE to Access the


Check Vehicle Condition

Check the car conditions carefully. We have a guide to reading the auction sheets so check it out. Buy what you want. Some people are looking for pristine cars and some people are looking for a project car. Pick your cars anywhere in between. 

Request English Translation

Send the listings to us to a full translation. We don't skimp on the translations. This is where we take the time to make sure you know the condition of the vehicle as much as possible. Feel free to ask questions if anything is not clear. 

Bid on Cars

If you like the car after receiving the translation, send us your bid price. We will bid for you up to your maximum, but no more. If the car sells for less than your max bid, we will only charge for the actual vehicle cost. 

Win and Pay

Once you win a car, we will invoice you for the cost of the vehicle, our service fee, and the shipping to your country. Payment in full is due in three days.  

We Check Your Car (optional)

For an optional fee, we see your cars in person and check them over before sending them. Your vehicle is sent directly to our lot where we take 80+ pictures, and 5 specialty video clips. This gives you peace of mind before it goes on the vessel, helps you prepare for receiving the vehicle, and makes any insurance claims simple and secure. (20,000 yen extra fee). 

Ocean Shipping to You

Your vehicle is then sent over to the port of export where it will be prepped for shipping and loaded on the next available vessel. You will be sent the shipping date as soon as we know it, and we will send you the vehicle title (and all required paperwork) before the vehicle lands in your country. 

Almost Done

Your vehicle will need to clear customs in your country. Most customers hire a customs broker who will file the correct paperwork to make your vehicle legal in your country. For some countries, we have a recommended customs broker.

If the process sounds difficult, our sales people are there to help you every step of the way. They have training with helping anyone from first time buyers to volume dealer purchasing agents. Whatever your knowledge level is, we can answer your questions. 

Taking it one step at a time is surprisingly easy and simple. If you thought that importing from Japan is too difficult, it doesn't need to be. 

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