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If you own a dealership or will be purchasing in volume, we want to work with you.


Pacific Coast Auto already works with many large importers in countries around the world. We have many long-term customer and have helped many dealers to be successful.

We offer lower prices and extra flexibility to customers that purchase on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to keep you coming back for more purchases. Your success equals our success. 

We reserve our best prices for our dealer customers. We want to work long-term with you to provide the most trust for a win-win relationship. We offer special flexibility and special rates for those that qualify. 


Qualifications - 

Be a registered company in your country

Purchase more than 5 vehicles per year. 

Purchase vehicles for the purpose of resale 

Discounts on the service fee on all Dealer Accounts. 

Discounts on transport and freight costs

No hidden costs or secret markups

Access to see documents such as auction invoice, transport invoice, ocean freight invoice, etc. 

This is a Pacific Coast Auto exclusive (extra 20,000 yen per car)

80+ pictures and 5 video clips-

  • Cold engine start

  • Side panel dent check

  • Interior check

  • Wheel and tire check

  • Full walkaround

Dealer customers can customize the report by adding or subtracting sections of the report. 

30-40 high quality images taken at the port of export. 

(optional 7,000 yen per car)

Want to cut the most costs? 

We can send your vehicle direct to the port instead of sending it to our lot. You would skip out on the vehicle report, but would save the transport cost and would get further savings without the picture and video report. This might be helpful for higher volume dealers and those that want the lowest prices. 

Dealer customers receive emails of our inventory cars on the day they are bought and are given a special purchase option that is only available to dealers. 

Is there something special that you want us to do for you? Please let us know and we will try to make that happen for you. 

Want oil changes, coolant changes, tunes ups before shipping?

Want car interiors steam cleaned or the exterior polished? Maybe clean up the foggy headlights? 

We can set you special group rates for all cars, or you can pick options on a per car basis. This can be a good up-sell to your customers, or can save you time by having the vehicle ready to see when they land. 

We can set this up with no delay to shipping.  

Email us in the contact form below or by emailing We will have a sales rep go over your eligability and explain the terms of service for you. 

**Dealer accounts are subject to initial review upon application. Priority will be given to-

  • Licensed dealers

  • Incorporated companies

  • Buyers with a web site, online history, or social media presence

**Pacific Coast Auto may request additional information from some applicants before the account is active. 

**Dealer accounts are subject to regular reviews. Pacific Coast Auto may remove your dealer account if it does not maintain eligibility requirements. In this event, buyers will still be able to purchase form Pacific Coast Auto under an individual account. 

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