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Pacific Coast Auto stared business in 2008 out of a kitchen corner in a 43 square metre apartment. Derek Weldon, the owner of PCA, moved from Canada to Japan with his wife and 2 month old daughter. His dream was to create this company.  

Several years later, Pacific Coast Auto has grown a lot, but we still like to hold onto our "small company" feeling. We want our sales people to be approachable, and we want our customers to be treated like humans, not sales targets. 

Buying cars from another country can be simple and we strive to make a difference in the industry. 

Hi, I'm Derek Weldon. I am the owner and creative force behind Pacific Coast Auto. I come from Canada, but have lived in Japan since 2006. I am a real-life car enthusiast, and have been as long as I can remember. I can find something I love in any car. 

I manage the basic day to day company needs as well as steer the ship. I like to dip my toes in all areas of the company so that I can keep sharp. 

I feel like caring for our customers is number one. That means no overcharging, no tricking, and treating customers how I would like to be treated. 

Hi, I'm Ayako Weldon. I'm married to Derek. He is a great husband and a cool dad. 

(written by Derek until Ayako finishes her introduction.)

My name is Naoko Saito, and I have been working at Pacific Coast Auto since November, 2013. My main jobs are shipping, and overall contact with Japanese stakeholders such as dealer purchases.


I’ve lived in Mannheim and Augsburg in Germany, and in Los Altos(Bay area, CA) in the US with my family.  Our family car was the Audi in Germany, and the GM in the US.  We really enjoyed local cars!  These many years of experiences are my treasure, and I want to keep in touch with people from many countries, and cultures as well.  Also I love to travel with my family, or friends in my free time.


I’m really happy working at this company with our team members, and helping customers meet unique, and precious cars, cared by dedicated Japanese mechanics.

Hi Everyone!


My name is Mike – I’m originally from South Africa but lived most of my life in New Zealand up until 2017 when I moved here to Japan to follow my love of Japanese Cars, Bikes and Culture. I love living in Japan and in my free time I try to get out into the countryside to ride or drive as much as I can and explore some hidden spots around Japan.


I’m here to help you find that JDM gem you’ve been dreaming about! I’ll help you navigate the auctions and understand the process of buying a vehicle from Japan and importing it, wherever you are in the world! 


My personal ethos is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – I believe in providing a friendly, honest and helpful service to all of our fellow JDM fanatics!

Hello! I’m Grant. I was born and raised in Kentucky in the US, and even after living in Tokyo since 2012, I remain a country boy at heart. Cars have been in my blood for literally longer than I can remember, ever since first coming home as a baby in the back seat of my dad’s 1983 Celica GT-S. Since then I’ve had something like 15 cars come and go through my personal Toyota fleet, and I’m always planning out my next project.

Whether it was a gift for my family or my partner, or the perfect item for a customer, I’ve always loved finding people exactly what they’re looking for. Nothing makes me happier than receiving good questions and helping people understand things better, and you can always count on me for an honest and straightforward answer.

Let me know how I can help, and let’s find your dream machine!

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