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Inland Transport
From every auction in Japan

The auction houses are all across Japan spanning hundreds of kilometres in all directions. Our network of transport companies makes it easy to know the exact transport cost from each auction. 

We have costs listed for direct to port transport, or stopping by at the PCA lot for inspections or maintenance. 

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Important notes below

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Sort using the arrows to find the lowest price transport. 

Important notes

Inland transport is to be paid in full by the customer at the time of vehicle payment. 

Standard Transport - Vehicles are moved from auction, to Pacific Coast Auto's yard in Yokohama for inspection. Vehicles are then moved to the port of export. Vehicles are transported a total of two times. 

Transport prices may increase above stated prices without notice due to the following reasons - 

-Low vehicle ground clearance
-Tall vehicle height or large sized vehicle
-Vehicle unable to move under its own power (including dead battery)
-Vehicle mechanical breakdown
-Customers request work be done on their car in Japan prior to export 
-Transport company increases prices 

***Low vehicles from the far North or far South often need to have their lifted at a shop near the auction at an extra cost. Example - Sapporo, Hokkaido, Kyushu. 

***Campers or large vehicles often have extra costs. 

***Cars that break down during transport can be significantly more expensive to transport. 

***In the event that the transport costs increase, the buyer is to pay for any extra fee regardless of the reason. Extra transport fees may be invoiced at the time of purchase or after the vehicle has been exported depending on when we receive notification of the increase. 


***Prices are in YEN

***All prices include 600 yen fuel surcharge

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