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After purchasing your vehicle, we can move it to our lot where we look over your car and give it a VEHICLE REPORT. This report gives you the confidence that you will know the condition of the vehicle before it is shipped out to you. 


Pacific Coast Auto is the only exporter that reports vehicles this way. 

Most exporters never personally see the vehicles before export. 

Our standard report is 20,000 yen and is available on any purchase. 

The report includes anywhere from 80 to over 100 pictures of the vehicle. You will get amazing detail of the vehicle with pictures from all angles of the interior and exterior as well as detailed pictures of any damages that the vehicle has. We take care to show the real condition, not what we think you want to see. 

Exclusive to Pacific Coast Auto, we record 6 more high definition 1080p video clips. The standard set will detail cold engine start, interior check, wheel and tire check, side panel dent and paint check, and a full condition walk-around. Typically the set of videos is no less than 10 minutes of footage per vehicle.  

The footage that we shoot is yours to use as you please. Feel free to share your new car in Youtube, Facebook, or even your own website. You can even give us permission to post the walk-around to our Youtube channel to see what our fans think of your new car. 

We check the vehicle condition and compare it to the auctions inspection sheet. We also check the important parts of the vehicle for shipping. We check the coolant and oil level and top up as needed. Then we check the brakes, clutch, steering, AC, interior electronics, and engine running condition. If the vehicle has any suspicious areas, we can investigate further. If the vehicle requires maintenance, we will arrange for it to be done in Japan at your request. 

The reason we put so much effort into the report is to make you prepared for the vehicle as much as possible. You will get a head start on what, if anything, that needs to be addressed when the vehicle lands. This gives you a head-start for prepping the vehicle for sale or registration when it lands in your country. 

For dealer customers, we offer the ability to customize the report in several ways. Are there specific pictures you want? Do you want us to shoot the videos in a special way? Let us know what you want or we can give suggestions considering what our current dealer customers ask for. 

This is a sample video of our vehicle report. Several hundred other videos can be found on our Youtube channel. 

The report consists of - 

  • The full walkaround (as seen to the right here)

  • Cold engine start

  • Side panel check

  • Interior check

  • Wheel and tire check

And don't forget about the 80+ pictures of each car. 

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