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Sending money is an important part of the process. Let's make sure we get this right. 

Pacific Coast Auto can help you find the best way to send money to us. 

Go to the bank and fill in the form for international money transfers. 

This is sometimes called a Telegraphic Transfer (or TT). 

Banks tend to give sub-optimal exchange rates and have high fees. 

Recently transfer agents (Like TransferWise) have become popular because of their low fees and easy to use interfaces. 

Check with your agent to make sure they can transfer yen, and ask what exchange rate they offer. 

We have been working with PaylinebyIce for 10 years. They are the preferred transfer agent and the main agent used by us for outgoing transfers. 

Payline works in several countries worldwide, but not all. Contact us if you want to know more details. 

Email -


Pacific Coast Auto Imports LLC.

Yokohama Ekimae




220-0004 Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi Nishi-ku Kitasaiwai 1-11-20

If your bank needs the Pacific Coast Auto address, phone number, or email address, they can be found below in the contact section. 

Some banks might need extra information. If so, please feel free to email us. 

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