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Transferwise has become a popular way to send money worldwide.


What makes them unique is that they have a Japanese account and they do domestic transfers. Because of this, bank details need to be entered slightly differently. 

We’ve set up a TransferWise account and you should be able to complete the transfer just using our email address which is - if they have an option to do that, please try it – that should auto complete all of our details for the transfer. If that fails, then please see below.


The following notes are for the transfer – this has helped quite a few of our customers successfully transfer in the past:


The “Recipient” or “To” party must be written in Japanese (Katakana) as below:

ゴウドウガイシヤ パシフイツク コースト  オート インポーツ


The “Recipient Address” needs to be “1-33-108 Omaru, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 224-0061”


The “Account Type” will be “Futsuu” – which means general account.

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